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Wedding Coordinating

After months of planning all the aspects of your wedding, don't leave the execution of your final details to chance! When your wedding day arrives, you need a professional to execute all of your hard work. You should be enjoying every minute of the big day and not carrying a clipboard around checking off and tending to the details.  

Meet Lara

Meet Lara

Lara has a passion for all things wedding related. She considers it an honor to have a hand in the most important day of your life. Lara will work side by side with you to tailor your wedding to specifically match your vision. She knows that every event comes with its challenges and getting to know you allows her to anticipate your needs and lets you rest assured that your wedding day will be the day of your dreams! 

Lara is certified with the New York Institute of Art & Design as a Wedding Planner, but more importantly for you, she has successfully coordinated and directed numerous wedding ceremonies and receptions. Actually handling all the details and legwork is how you become successful in this role. From timeline development to lighting the candles, you won't have to worry with Lara working for you! 

What's Next?

What's Next?

Now that we've given you the basics, it's time to reflect more on exactly what is appropriate for you and your wedding. Let's get together and chat about your thoughts and dreams for your big day! There's never a charge for a face-to-face consultation to make certain we're both on the same page. You can reach Lara at 865.980.8989 for an appointment. 

She offers three different coordinating packages that are very reasonably priced depending on the time and the amount of services you desire. Do you need assistance for the full day? Or possibly you only need assistance with the rehearsal & ceremony? Packages begin at $550.

Contact Lara today to schedule a time to chat. She would love to help every one of you, but due to the amount of time she dedicates to each wedding, she will only be available to book a limited amount each month. 

[email protected] or call 865.548.3695

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